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R-STOL Systems

Southern Seaplane, Inc. is an authorized dealer and installer for Sierra Industries R/STOL high lift systems. Visit for more details

Sierra R/STOL High Lift Systems for Piston Engine Aircraft

Approach and Landing

SIERRA R/STOL permits slow approaches with sharp, crisp control at slow speeds, you gain more decision time for correction and confident handling during crosswinds and gusts. Even with power off you retain confident control, with reduced risk of stalling. SIERRA R/STOL Hi-Lift systems permit lower landing speeds that reduce wear and tear on landing gear, brakes and tires. Overall, the SIERRA R/STOL Hi-Lift system allows 15 to 25 MPH slower approaches and requires up to 40% less runway distance.

During Takeoff

No (or less) offloading when flying from high altitude or high temperature airports with your SIERRA R/STOL-equipped aircraft. Hi-Lift extends sea level, standard day performance to higher density altitudes — allows you to lift off with heavier payloads from short runways or to fly with full loads safely. Take off with enough fuel to avoid an extra fuel stop. SIERRA R/STOL’s extra perform­ance adds flexibility to your flight operations — avoids extra trips — lets you fly into small airfields closer to your final destination.

A slight downward droop of the leading edge results when a cuff is added to the aircraft’s wing. Cessna has incorporated the drooped leading edge on many of their models built since 1972. The drooped cuff recountours and smooths airflow over the wing, particularly at high angles of attack. The SIERRA R/STOL Leading Edge postpones wing stall and gentles stall action when it does occur.


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